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April 2012

Proposed Tennessee Voter ID Changes Ignore Students’ Rights

Blog Author: 
Dan Vicuna

Two bills before the Tennessee legislature would reduce the harmful effects of the state’s strict voter ID law, but the reforms do not apply to students. The proposed measures include allowing a state worker to continue to use a state employee ID after retirement and the addition of photos to driver’s licenses for individuals older than 60.

Student Voting Update for April 24, 2012

Blog Author: 
Josh Spaulding

This past month a new photo ID law was passed in Pennsylvania that will make it more difficult for students to vote. The new law only allows student IDs with an expiration date.

Find out what the mood is on campuses around the country about the upcoming election.

Tuesday Q&A with FELN Staff Attorney Courtney Mills

Blog Author: 
Courtney Mills, Staff Attorney at Fair Elections Legal Network

For this week's Tuesday Q&A we chatted with Courtney Mills, a staff attorney at the Fair Elections Legal Network. She spoke with us about her role with FELN and her hopes for the next election.

1. What is FELN and what do you do for them?


Penn State Agrees to Provide Students with Voter ID

Blog Author: 
Dan Vicuna, CVP Coordinator

Penn State University agreed to update their student IDs to allow students to use those IDs when voting at the polls.

Tuesday Q&A with Campus Progress's Anne Johnson

Blog Author: 
Anne Johnson, Executive Director of Campus Progress

Anne Johnson is the Executive Director of Campus Progress, a partner of Campus Vote Project. 

1.  What is Campus Progress and what do you do for them?

MPIRG Proposal Would Give Minnesota Students Flexibility to Vote

Blog Author: 
Dan Vicuna, CVP Coordinator

The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group proposed in the University of Minnesota Senate a measure that would add voting to the list of excused absences from class. The proposal is designed to encourage students to vote by providing them with greater flexibility to head to the polls on Election Day.

Getting Student Voting Information Online

Blog Author: 
Dan Vicuna, CVP Coordinator

Colleges and universities can empower students with essential information that will help them register and vote this election cycle. The CVP toolkit guide “Integrating Voting Information Into Your School’s Website” will help students work with campus administrators to take advantage of the fact that an increasing number of school-related tasks are now done online.