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Campus Vote Project T-Shirt Design Contest:

Are you passionate about democracy, civic engagement, and voting? Do you also love to get creative? Are you a member of the Student Voting Network (or are you ready to become one)? We have the perfect opportunity for you! Campus Vote Project is bringing you the unique opportunity to showcase your own creative designs on our merchandise!
How it works:

Design submissions will be open on the Campus Vote Project website to all Student Voting Network members, Democracy Fellows, Student Advisory Board Members, and students who attend Voter Friendly Campuses*. The contest will run from October 16 to November 12.

Voting for the winning designs begins November 27 and will run until December 8, 2023. You must join or already be a member of the Student Voting Network to vote for the top 3 submissions. The top overall winner will receive $500. The second place entry will receive $250, and the third place entry will receive $100. In addition, the entry that receives the most votes on Instagram–the People’s Choice!–will receive $100. Voting on Instagram for the People’s Choice will be open to all.

Each student is allowed to submit one design. Multiple people may work on the same designs. If a group of students work on a design, they will share the prize money.

All student submissions will be featured on the Campus Vote Project website and on Campus Vote Project social media. All top entries will be available for purchase on the Campus Vote Project Merch Store, as well as the Campus Vote Project Staff Favorite and the Campus Vote Project Student Advisory Board Favorite.


Design Guidelines:

The 2023 contest theme is: Student Voters: The Future is Now. Submissions by students must adhere to the following guidelines. 

  • The design can incorporate any color you may like, as long as there are no more than four (4) colors on the design. This includes gradients, shadows, etc. 

  • The design must be on the front of the shirt only. 

  • The design must be nonpartisan. 

  • The design cannot include any derogatory remarks and/or graphic images. 

  • The design must incorporate our organization’s name, “Campus Vote Project” in some way. 



When the student is finished creating their design, it can be submitted below. 

  • Students are to submit the actual design as it would be printed on a t-shirt (i.e., if the design should have a transparent background, please submit it that way!)

  • Students are to submit the original file of the design. 

  • The design file should be no larger than 15MB. 

  • Students are required to submit alternative text with each of their designs.

  • Students are also encouraged to submit supplementary items with their designs, i.e., creation process, videos, images etc.


If your design does not meet the design/submission guidelines, you will have until 11:59 PM EST on December 4, 2023 to resubmit your design. If you are not notified that you need to resubmit your design by that deadline, you have 3 days to resubmit the design. 


Campus Vote Project has permission to use all submitted designs on printed materials. Campus Vote Project withholds the right to deny the use of any submissions that do not adhere to provided design guidelines. 


*If you aren’t sure if your campus is a current Voter Friendly Campus - or - if they have submitted a Statement of Interest for the next designation, please email Kassie Phebillo at

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