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GA Runoff Guide
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Georgia  Runoff 

Note: Fair Elections Center and Campus Vote Project intend the information contained herein is used only as a general guide. This document should not be used as a substitute for consultation with a licensed Georgia legal professional. Last updated December 2020

Voting Guide

Looking for information about the Georgia Federal Runoff on January 5th? Checkout our concise (and printable) Georgia U.S. Senate Runoff Guide!

Georgia U.S. Senate Runoff Guide

Fair Elections Center Guide

Fair Elections Center also has a useful guide that contains additional details and scenarios to consider. 

Runoff Webinar

Need someone to talk you through it? Check out the recording of our webinar on resources and details of the GA runoff election. 

HBCU Runoff Webinar

In mid-November, we joined Ask Every Student and the Students Learn Students Vote Coalition, for a special nonpartisan webinar exclusively for faculty members, campus administrators, and student leaders at HBCUs and MSIs in Georgia to share resources that you can use to help students get the tools, resources, and confidence they need to participate in the upcoming runoff elections. 

GA Runoff Webinars
GA Runoff Social Media

Calling All Influencers

Want to put your social media clout to use and spread the word about the election? Once again we're making it easy for you! Check out our campaign guide that is full of useful messaging info and hyperlinked to some sharable assets! 
GA Runoff Campaign
Student Job Opportunity
Inform Your Vote

 Every Vote 

We're here to help you inform yours.

  • Check your registration. 

  • Research your ballot. 

  • Find out how to vote. 

  • And much more!

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