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State Board Launches Approval Process for Student and Government Employee IDs for Voting

The North Carolina State Board of Elections has announced instructions and timelines for having college and university student and employee IDs approved for use as voter ID in the 2023 and 2024 elections. To ensure your institution’s IDs are approved in time for students and employees to use them as their voter ID in the fall 2023 elections, you must complete the application by June 28, 2023. 


College and university IDs that are approved during this timeframe will remain valid voter IDs until December 31, 2024. 


The State Board of Elections has provided separate sets of instructions and application forms for student IDs and employee IDs. 


For institutions with prior ID approval, you may recertify if: 

  1. Your institution obtained approval for student or employee IDs to be used as voter ID on or before March 15, 2019, and

  2. your IDs had an expiration date on them at the time they were approved in 2019, and 

  3. your IDs have not changed since then. 


If you do not meet these requirements, you must fill out the new application forms. If your institution’s IDs were approved any time after March 15, 2019, you will need to resubmit a complete application.


To apply, you must: 

  1. Fill out a one-page form

  2.  Provide images of your institution’s IDs


See the Employer ID Submission Form

See the Student ID Submission Form


The State Board of Elections plans to open another ID approval application period before the 2024 elections, in the event that your institution is unable to fill out the application forms and get your IDs approved before the June 28, 2023 deadline. Details are not yet available on the next opportunity so the State Board of Elections “strongly encourages” submissions at this time. 


You can reach Campus Vote Project’s North Carolina Coordinator Amanda LaRoche at to discuss your plans. 

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Fair Elections Center Know Your Rights Guides

Fair Elections Center has created "Know Your Voting Rights" guides for ten states where we have focused our work to help voters if they encounter problems at the polls. These guides will help give in-person voters the tools to assert their rights and protect their freedom to vote. Voters have important rights under federal law, but some of these rules at the polling place vary by state. While most voters will likely have a smooth voting experience, we want to make sure that they understand what to do if they do run into challenges or other hurdles at the polls.

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