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2020 election sets record voter turnout nationwide and in Pennsylvania

The brown and white, Sarah Steffens:

Nina Alameno, ‘21, is a Democracy Fellow with the Campus Vote Project, which is supported by the Fair Elections Center, a national, nonpartisan voting rights and election reform organization.

The goal of the Campus Vote Project is to increase voter engagement among students and reduce the barriers to voting. The organization has various Democracy Fellows from campuses across the nation work closely with universities and community colleges to spread education and awareness around voting.

Alameno partnered with Lehigh’s Panhellenic Council to create a contest between Greek chapters to see who could get the highest percentage of their students to register to vote. The Democracy Fellows utilized Instagram and other social platforms to spread infographics on voting information.

Alameno said, even though there was progress for voter turnout, it was still only around 65 percent, meaning about one-third of the country is still not voting.

Along with the Campus Vote Project, Alameno herself is committed to making sure everyone’s voice is heard at the polls.

“We were really able to see that this is Lehigh, and the student body has a voice and power behind each vote,” she said. “As a first-time voter myself, I am really really pleased and proud of voter turnout, as it was the highest this election than ever before.”

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