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2022 Voter Guide: Raaheela Ahmed, candidate for Maryland Senate District 23

May 18, 2022

Why are you running for office?

I'm a lifelong resident of Maryland's 23rd District and product of our public schools. I first ran for office as an 18-year-old college student, campaigning against big money and power from my local political establishment, hoping to bring positive social change. After winning the primary but losing the general election, I came back four years later and won with 32,000+ votes, thanks to grassroots organizing and community support. Since then, I've joyfully served 5 years as an elected county School Board Member, championing reforms in mental health, budget, infrastructure, curriculum, transparency, diversity and inclusion. This year, I decided to once again challenge the status quo by running for State Senate. While this is a challenging race, it is a fight worth having. My community deserves a vocal progressive advocate that stands up to money, power, and politicians and fights for what's right. That's who I am. That's why I'm running.

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