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‘Civic Engagement Doesn’t Have to Be Corny.’ How Georgia Pulled Off Unprecedented

TIME, Raisa Bruner:

The 18- to 29 demographic has long had the lowest voter turnout in the country, and Georgia’s great success could serve lessons on what efforts actually get them to the polls. It came down to grassroots organizing by groups like the New Georgia Project, Campus Vote Project, Students for 2020 and Opportunity Youth United, which made innovative social media moves and hired younger volunteers to help young voters see themselves in politics. “These numbers are not magical,” says Ciarra Malone, Georgia’s State Coordinator for the Campus Vote Project. “Georgia is only a battleground state right now because of the youth vote and how many young people in the Atlanta area have turned out to vote. Organizers, especially young organizers, have been working especially hard.”

Read the full article here.


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