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College Students Must Follow Civic Duty

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

The Fordham Ram:

College students will be directly affected by the decisions of the elected president and his administration. Both candidates have markedly different plans for issues that are incredibly important for college students, including student loan forgiveness and tuition rates for lower-income families. Before you vote, be sure to do your research to see how the candidate’s proposed plans may affect you.

The Campus Vote Project provides information for college students across the country regarding voting policies in each state. The website includes specific guides to ensure that college students can register to vote and submit their ballots on time.

Of course, your vote should not center around your identity as a college student. Candidates will make decisions that affect every major issue in our country, including the environment, COVID-19, the economy and racial equality. Our civic responsibility calls us to educate ourselves on these issues and the prospective candidates.

Many voters may feel that their vote doesn’t really matter unless they are in a swing state. While swing states do play a key role in securing a victory for presidential candidates, the results of other states, no matter how consistent their record may be for one party or another, remain unpredictable. States that normally vote for a certain party can be flipped; polls and experts can be proven dramatically wrong.

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