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College students upended by the pandemic wrestle with yet another challenge: How to vote this fall?

Washington Post, Michelle Ye Hee Lee:

the University of Georgia, administration officials last month reversed a decision to remove its on-campus voting site, citing the coronavirus, after widespread backlash from students who demanded the school provide them access to voting.

“It’s calling us to action to take responsibility for what we can right now,” said Erika Neal, 21, a graduate student at University of California at Berkeley who is involved with the Campus Vote Project. “This is a new voting block that has never had a chance to offer their opinion about what’s happening in this country, and it’s time for us to use our voices and get out of our seats and do something.”

Catherine Wicker, Kalin Garcia and Jessica Myers are Texas State University students and organizers with the Campus Vote Project. (Tamir Kalifa for The Washington Post)

Turnout efforts are particularly intensifying among students attending historically Black colleges and universities (HBCU) who want to make sure they can cast ballots this November, especially given the disproportionate impact on Black communities posed by the coronavirus and historic barriers that have faced Black voters.

Ja’Neese Jefferson, a senior at Virginia State University, and her fellow students are creating informational guides, videos and social media challenges to help their peers understand their voting options. They are dropping in on classes via Zoom to encourage students to check their voter registration information, holding online forums to answer their questions and sending students to national and statewide voter hotlines for more information.

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