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Dear lawmakers: NC deserves fair districts

Dec 18, 2021

By: Aaron Wrighton and Paige Anderholm

Young people across the country have not been traditionally engaged in the redistricting process. But as student redistricting fellows with Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project, we understand that this process will affect our livelihoods for years to come.

Unfortunately, our legislators have manipulated North Carolina’s redistricting process through gerrymandering to the point where the voices of minority voters, including college students like us, are silenced.

Aaron attends Elizabeth City State University, one of North Carolina’s prominent historically black colleges and universities. While the campus community is not split up, previous restricting cycles have sought to diminish its influence in local elections.

Paige lives in Boone, home to Appalachian State University, and resides in the newly split Watauga County. The communities that we live in have either been directly affected by redistricting or carry a history of attempts to be silenced or ignored by lawmakers.

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