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  • Campus Vote Project

FIU designated a voter-friendly campus for facilitating students’ civic engagement

Following an elections season that saw tremendous youth voter turnout nationwide, FIU has been designated a voter-friendly campus by the Campus Vote Project and NASPA in recognition of its institutionwide efforts to encourage students to head to the polls and make their voices heard.

The selection process examined written plans put in place by colleges and universities during the 2022 election season to foster students’ lifelong civic engagement by educating them on the political process, registering to vote and the importance of casting a vote – even in a non-presidential election year.

At FIU, the effort is spearheaded by the Civic Engagement Committee, which comprises faculty and administration across disciplines. The committee is responsible for launching, an online repository for information on voting in Florida. The website shares links to local elections schedules, voter registration information, mail-in ballot information, early voting deadlines and more.


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