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HBCU Voting Power: How This Generation Of Young Black Voters Will Be Pivotal In The Quest For Change

Mar 20, 2022

By: Donovan Dooley

The worst kept secret perhaps in all of politics is that students at historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) are a pivotal demographic when it comes to voting. The political power of these students is on display in nearly every major election and with midterms quickly approaching, this year is no different.

Dylan Sellers, the National HBCU Manager of the Campus Vote Project, an organization that has been working with HBCUs to increase voter engagement and voter turnout, says that HBCUs have the power to swing elections and that’s the main reason why they are always under attack.

“We are talking about the difference between whether a candidate wins or loses. Which is why HBCUs have consistently been under attack when it comes to redistricting,” said Sellers in an exclusive with NewsOne. “They are gerrymandered when it comes to election laws. They are targeted because everyone knows that if these students show up they change elections nationally and locally.”

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