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Here Are 7 Ways To Impact The Georgia Runoff Elections

Thrillist, Joshua Robinson:

We’ve all gotten one—but probably much, much more—of those texts that remind you to vote in the election, and while they probably annoyed the hell out of anyone who had already planned to vote, they could have inspired someone who hadn’t even considered it. If you’re down to irritate the masses yet galvanize the few, then your calling during this runoff election is to be a voting ambassador. Organizations like Black Voters Matter and Campus Vote Project have opportunities to reach out to potential voters in order to encourage them to vote via texting, calling, and canvassing.

The New Georgia Project’s voting ambassador program gives the important grassroots work an interesting twist. To get the word out about voting, ambassadors will be tasked with recruiting Vote Triplers—people who agree to remind three people to vote—from their family, social circles, and neighborhoods. Plus, for every Vote Tripler recruited, you earn a little bit of cash.

Read the full article here.


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