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How the For the People Act Would Impact Higher Ed

Inside Higher Ed, Alexis Gravely:

"The 886-page bill has 10 titles centered around voter access, election integrity and security, campaign finance, and government ethics. It seeks to set national standards for modernizing voter registration and improving voter access in elections, which could be especially consequential for college students and young voters.

Those minimum standards are important because they would help students better understand how to vote, regardless of where they are, said Michael Burns, national director of the Campus Vote Project.

'One of the barriers that we see student voters encounter a lot is that they're highly mobile and newer to the process,” Burns said. “Even if they're moving from California to Pennsylvania to go to school, there will still be some certain standards around online registration, same-day registration and the ability to vote by mail or early in person.'"

Read the full article HERE.

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