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How to use TurboVote, the online tool that reminds you when and how to vote

In The Know, Dillon Thompson:

TurboVote is a fast, easy way to make sure you have the info you need — but it’s not comprehensive. If you want more help making an informed decision in November, here’s where else you can look.

  • To research the candidates: Ballotpedia’s “Sample Ballot Lookup” is a great tool for looking into the lesser-known candidates on your ballot. Simply enter your address, and the website will tell you everyone registered in upcoming local, state and national elections.

  • For getting your friends involved: has an “election pledge,” which you can sign, save and promote on social media. It’s a great way to encourage other people to follow your lead and vote as safely as possible during the ongoing pandemic.

  • For volunteering: The Campus Vote Project has a student engagement checklist, which is full of advice on how to get involved before Election Day. There are comprehensive guides for running registration campaigns, working with school administrators and even bringing a polling station to your campus.

Read the full article here.


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