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Learn more about redistricting

Nov 28, 2021

By: Bintou Fofana, Brooklynn Jones, Michael Garza, and Nevaya Warfel

Over the past several months, Pennsylvania has been engaged in the process of redrawing our congressional and state legislative district lines based on population changes in the latest U.S. Census. This process will affect communities throughout the state for the next 10 years.

Pennsylvania’s process is led by the state Legislature and has offered opportunities for citizens of the commonwealth to advocate for their and their community’s needs. However, that has not always been the case.

As redistricting fellows with Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project, we have advocated for the interests of Pennsylvania college students including protecting our college and university campuses as communities of interest. We have drawn proposed maps, submitted written testimony to the Legislature’s reapportionment committees, and testified at listening sessions. We have urged lawmakers not to “crack” or “pack” our campus communities in new maps that dilute college students’ ability to elect representatives who will advocate for our needs.

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