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Letter to the Editor: Wisconsin’s redistricting process needs to change

Nov 18, 2021

By:Wiliam Kammerer

Wisconsin is currently engaged in a once-in-a-decade process called redistricting that can make or break the fairness and equity of our state’s elections for the next 10 years. Our state Legislature is responsible for redrawing our congressional and state legislative district lines based on population changes from the U.S. Census.

As a young person and college student, my economic and social future relies heavily on the decisions that policymakers will make during our state’s redistricting process. From gaining employment to purchasing my first home and everything in-between, redistricting has the potential to impact the livelihoods of each and every one of us.

As such, and to make my voice and the voices of other college students heard, I joined the Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project as a redistricting fellow.

Read the full article here.


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