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MWSU recognized as voter friendly campus

The Griffon New, Lucille White:

"Missouri Western State University has received the Voter Friendly Campus Designation for 2021-2020. This designation was granted to 234 colleges and universities in the United States. This designation is valid for 2021 to December of 2022.

Student Affairs in Higher Education and Fair Election Center's Campus gave these designations to colleges who promote voting and encourage students to get involved with the democratic process.

Those who helped get this designation was student Jordan Miller, Dr. Edwin Taylor, who is the chair and associate professor of political science and Dr. Hannah Piechowski who is the associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students “We were the team that was responsible for doing voter engagement, this year,” Dr. Piechowski said. “'So as a result of doing voter engagement, this is one of the things that we were trying to achieve.'”

Read the full article HERE.


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