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Politically Active New College Students Made Us Proud

SRQ20, Donol O'Shea:

“I haven’t met a student yet at New College who isn’t passionate about the most recent political issues,” says Cristiana Feazell, a second-year student involved in the nationwide Campus Vote Project—a voter education program coordinated through New College’s office of Student Activities & Campus Engagement (SA[u]CE).

“New College, as an institution, supports the intellectually curious, and that leaves room for students to be engaged politically in multiple ways,” says SA[u]CE Assistant Director Jada McNeill. “One of the earliest things I learned from working at New College is how big advocacy is for students. I really do learn a lot from students about what’s happening locally, nationally and globally.”

Jada is absolutely right, and the world has noticed. Our students have won numerous awards for their political initiative and voter turnout. Two years ago, New College received national accolades from the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge for its high level of student voting during the 2018 election (nearly two-thirds of students voted). We earned a platinum seal from ALL IN for achieving a student voting rate above 50%, as well as three “Best in Class Awards” for the highest voting rate among all participating small, public, four-year institutions.

Read the full article here.


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