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PoliticsVoter Restriction Laws are especially impactful on college students

The DePaulia, Lauren Ulrich:

“Our country was founded on being able to give everyone the right to free speech and to vote,” said Sheridan King, a democracy fellow for Campus Vote Project and junior at Mercer University in Georgia. “If you take that away, you are targeting a specific group and we are no longer standing on our founding principles.”

In the GOP’s push toward more restrictive voting laws, one of the demographics negatively impacted is college students. Restrictive provisions that target absentee voting, voter ID requirements and shortened early voting all significantly impede students’ ability to vote. As voter ID requirements become more exhaustive, students’ access to these documents generally declines; this can translate to students having to take time off work or school to go get the documents, or it can completely dissuade students from participating in the election cycle. Shortened early voting restrictions discourage anyone who can not take off work or school as needed, as this most often refers to the closing of polls at 5 p.m. instead of 7 p.m., or later in some counties."

Read the full story HERE.


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