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Raaheela Ahmed reelected Maryland county board of education member

The American Baazar, AB Wire:

Besides her job as board member, Ahmed works as Deputy Director of Campus Vote Project, where she manages the national team of state organizers that focus on institutionalizing voting on college campuses “nationally, and ensure we are moving each state to a bigger and brighter democracy.”

Ahmed, who is also a trainer with the Progressive Governance Academy said, “We work with over 250 colleges across the US to develop sustainable, long-term civic engagement plans that focus on getting students to vote.”

As a Board of Education member, she has led efforts for several budget amendments including $4.25 million for maintenance needs, more school psychologists and LGBTQ+ staff training.

To ensure that parent voices are heard, and that parents are as involved as they can be in District 5 schools, Ahmed said she ”encouraged parents to start parent-teacher-student organizations at schools.”

Read the full article here.


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