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Recruiting The Next Wave Of Democracy's Essential Workers

Forbes, Ryan Pierannunzi & Civic Nation:

In June, we partnered with many other groups to launch, a collaboration of organizations from the private and nonprofit sectors. This new initiative, containing data from our WorkElections web portal, expands the scope of recruitment efforts and seeks to reach and enlist hundreds of thousands of new poll workers.

The growing partnership includes a wide variety of nonprofit, service, and private-sector organizations, all committed to strengthening civic engagement and the health of our democracy. Partners include the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, the Civic Alliance, MTV, Comedy Central, Uber, Patagonia, Levi Strauss & Co., the United Way, and the Time to Vote coalition, plus many more.

The Power the Polls coalition is off to a strong start towards the goal of helping to recruit hundreds of thousands of poll workers for the November election. Our next major recruitment effort will happen on Tuesday, September 1, which the EAC has announced is National Poll Worker Recruitment Day.

Additionally, Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project is organizing and recruiting college students across the country to serve as poll workers.

Read the full article here.


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