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Republican lawmaker says student IDs are a source of voter fraud. She cited no examples.

An Idaho Republican claims that allowing people to use a student ID as a form of voter ID threatens the integrity of elections.

Idaho State Rep. Tina Lambert, R-Caldwell, introduced a bill, HB 124, accompanied by a short summary that said,"this legislation eliminates a source of fraud by removing student ID cards as a valid form of identification at the polls."

The Idaho Capital Sun wrote that Lambert cited no examples of fraud. PolitiFact contacted Lambert to ask whether she could point to any examples of people using student IDs to commit voter fraud and received no response.

Lambert said in committee hearings that she was concerned that students from Oregon or Washington could vote twice in an election, a crime that is a felony punishable by a fine of up to $50,000, up to 14 years in prison, or both.

Could someone try to use a student ID card to commit voter fraud? Hypothetically, yes. But the same could be said about other forms of ID, such as concealed weapons permits or driver’s licenses.

Lawmakers and voters are free to decide whether it makes sense to get rid of student IDs, a rarely used form of voter ID. But the statement that they are a source of fraud lacks evidence.


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