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StampsToStudents is providing free stamps to voters across the stat

The Daily Tar Heel, Sascha Medina:

Erdberg said during this unprecedented time, an increased amount of students will vote by mail due to COVID-19 safety concerns, which means they will be dependent on processes that can be difficult and convoluted.

“This is such an unusual year,” Erdberg said. “This year, there are all of these people who are going to be voting, both for the first time for students, and also for the first time by mail, which is this whole, convoluted process. Nobody makes it easy.”

Students and young adults made up nearly 30 percent of the voting eligible population in 2016, according to the Pew Research Center. But they continue to turn out to vote at historically low rates, according to the Campus Vote Project.

Carrboro Town Council member Barbara Foushee said it is critical that college students vote in elections, and this effort is a good way to encourage that.

“It's important for college students to vote in every election,” Foushee said. “This election here is particularly important for any number of reasons. It is the election of a lifetime, right? Democracy is literally on the ballot. The soul of our nation is on the ballot.”

Read the full article here.


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