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Statement on Joe Biden’s Inauguration

“We congratulate President Joe Biden on becoming the 46th President of the United States. We look forward to partnering with the new Biden administration to help fulfill the president’s commitment to guaranteeing broad access to the ballot for all Americans. To achieve this goal, the Biden administration must make needed investments into our elections system, including equipping election administrators with the resources they need. The president must also revitalize the Department of Justice to ensure that it fully and vigorously enforces legislation, such as the Voting Rights Act, that protects access to voting for all Americans regardless of their race.

The Biden administration has an historic opportunity to truly challenge the foundation of voter suppression efforts that are disproportionately aimed at people of color, seniors and students and advance voting rights nationwide. We are eager to work alongside the Biden administration to ensure that all Americans can be active participants in our democracy.”

- Robert Brandon, President & CEO



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