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Statement regarding the House Passing H.R. 1

The great promise of our democracy is that we all have a voice and we are all equal when we vote. Given the recent threats to our democracy, it’s more important than ever to secure that right for every citizen. H.R. 1 will deliver on that promise so that every eligible American will be able to exercise their right to vote. The important voting reforms in H.R. 1—such as the ability to register up to and including on election day, the flexibility to vote early or by mail, and pre-registration for 16- and 17- year olds—will build on the momentum of 2020’s high turnout by reducing barriers and helping ensure that the next generation of voters will have the freedom to make their voices heard.

Fair Elections Center strongly supports the passage of the For the People Act and urges the Senate to send these important reforms to the president.

- Robert Brandon, President & CEO



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