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Student resources for April 4 election

W-Eau Claire is working with Campus Vote Project to encourage students to participate in the Wisconsin 2023 spring election on April 4.

Campus Vote Project is a non-partisan, unbiased organization and according to their website, their mission is to work with “universities, community colleges, faculty, students and election officials to reduce barriers to student voting.”

Kristin Hansen, the Wisconsin state coordinator at Campus Vote Project, works with higher education institutions in Wisconsin and most of the universities in the UW System.

Hansen said Campus Vote Project helps students register to vote, helps students to vote and institutionalizes the voting process on campuses.

“This isn’t something that you’re just doing when there’s a big election every other year, but that it becomes part of the fabric of campus life to always know where you can go to find out information about voting,” Hansen said. “We do (this work) every year, every semester. We’re always here to help students vote.”


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