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Students Push for Canceled Classes on Election Day

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Inside Higher Ed, Greta Anderson:

Several public university systems and other colleges observe Election Day as a state holiday, according to the map.

Chadwick Leonard, Florida coordinator for the Fair Election Center’s Campus Vote Project, which works with 250 college campuses on student voter education and turnout, said he doesn't consider classes on Election Day a major barrier to voting in this year's election. Many college campuses are operating classes entirely remotely this semester or have a mix of in-person or remote instruction and more students are expected to vote by mail, which wouldn't necessitate a day off to physically go to the polls, he said during a recent web event.

“That would probably be more of a conversation if students are actually on campus,” Leonard said.

Despite this year's emphasis on mail-in voting, new results from a survey administered to 1,002 students at the beginning of October show that a majority of them are planning to vote in person. Sixty-four percent of 18- to 24-year-olds, more than other age groups, said they are planning to vote in person, and 43 percent said they would cast their ballot specifically on Election Day, according to the survey report, which was administered and developed by Course Hero, a course material subscription service.

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