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Take Note: Nancy Thomas On What Colleges Should Do To He

WPSU Penn State Public Radio, Jenna Spinelle:

So those are just some of the many reforms that I think we can do. What we are asking for in a memorandum that we published with fair elections, legal networks, program campus vote project, and also with the Andrew Goodman Foundation, is that presidents use their stature in the state to advocate for better voting laws. For better voting conditions. And that is something that presidents don't like to do. They don't know that that's their role, and yet they all have offices of government affairs. Put them to work. And then when they need to be visible, be visible. They also need to be visible advocates for students. They need to set a tone around elections. They need to get involved. We've done a lot of research on campuses that have unpredicted high voting rates, crazy high voting rates, and on those campuses, the presidents are visible. They are out there. They're talking to students. Some of them teach courses. So it's time for presidents to get involved, and I apologize for the difficulty because of the circumstances, but it's actually because of the circumstances that they need to step it up.

Read the full article here.


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