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Texas State students asking county commissioners for additional polling place

CBS Austin, Christian Flores:

Normally, the on-campus polling place is the LBJ Student Center, but the university is putting additional classrooms here for the fall. The Hays County Elections office will add more voting machines in the Performing Arts Center.

However, Texas State graduate student Catherine Wicker, who is also a member of the group Texas Rising and the student leader for the Campus Vote Project at the university, said the images of the lines from March and 2018 should show commissioners they need to add another campus polling place, as well as one off campus.

"What we saw in 2018 is exactly what we saw on Super Tuesday in March: long lines, three-to-four hour waits. A four hour wait is half a work day. That's two college classes for these students, and they can't do it. You have work, you have school. Many don't have access to transportation. Many have the conversation, 'Sure, there's a polling location four miles away, five miles away,' but that's an hour-to-two hour walk for students, or they're paying an Uber they just don't have the money for," Wicker said.

Read the full article here.


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