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Texas targets trans voters with restrictions

Voting restrictions push trans people to the outskirts

As a transgender man living in Texas, the rapid rollback of fundamental civil rights across our nation has been horrifying. I've watched ill-informed, aggressive political attacks on my health care, my livelihood, and my friends and family spread from Texas to every corner of the country.

In the last few months alone, elected officials in Texas have pushed ruthlessly to deny life-saving medical care to transgender youth, investigate the loving families of trans teenagers for 'child abuse,' and force teachers to report their trans students to authorities.

These situations reveal how the LGBTQ+ community has not been properly represented in our nation's elections, through no fault of our own. Yet while it's more urgent than ever that transgender people make our voices heard at the ballot box, our voices have been systematically silenced, allowing lawmakers to place these hateful targets on our backs. The reason is clear: The simultaneous attack on voting rights sweeping our country is pushing transgender people like me to the outskirts of our democracy.

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