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This Juneteenth, We Want Equal Access To The Ballot

June 17, 2022

By Tiya Cantrell

Juneteenth can be recognized in many different ways. To some, it’s just a regular day. To others, it’s a day off of work or a plate to be eaten. How to celebrate is up to each person’s own discretion. All you usually need to know is that you better not be late and, if there are leftovers, you better grab a to-go plate!

Simply put, Juneteenth is a celebration — a day to relax, reflect and be unapologetically Black. We celebrate this day annually on June 19 in observance of the complete emancipation of enslaved people in the United States. And since last year, it’s been formally recognized as a federal holiday.

First and foremost, I say, “enslaved people” intentionally. So often people get caught up in the usage of the word “slaves,” but it’s imperative that American society is reminded that these people were taken and sold against their will. They were enslaved, not slaves by choice.

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