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UNCW introduces new One Card feature: voter identification

The UNCW One Card is now a valid form of photo identification for voting, according to a statement from the Office of University Relations (OUR) on Sept. 6. Discussions about using a One Card as a form of voter I.D. began in July 2023, with a result of 17 schools in the UNC System decision for their students. Gino Galutera, Associate Vice Chancellor for Business Services at UNCW said 22 private universities, 15 community colleges, and eight charter schools are also offering the voting benefit along with several schools in the UNC system.

Galutera says that the decision made by the UNC System varies state by state. You can find more information regarding state decisions here.

The Board of Elections in New Hanover County website offers more information on how students can list their information to be able to vote within New Hanover County. The website says students can put the name of their residence hall in the residential address field to qualify for voting in the county.


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