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University Increasing Voter-Friendly Campus Effort Despite Pandemic

Ole Miss | University of Mississippi News, JB Clark:

The University of Mississippi‘s Office of Community Engagement is seeking Voter Friendly Campus designation from the Campus Vote Project, a nonpartisan effort to educate students on the voting process and help them overcome any barriers to registering as voters.

To help in these efforts, the office received a $5,000 grant from Ask Every Student, which has helped fund programs such as the Voting Ambassador program and Faculty Champions program. Both those initiatives came from the ongoing groundwork laid by the Office of Community Engagement’s Voting Engagement Roundtable.

“The Voter Friendly Campus designation signifies our commitment as a university to promoting a culture of active voter participation as a part of broader civic engagement efforts,” said Erin Payseur Oeth, project manager for the Office of Community Engagement. “For many college students, their college years represent the first time they are eligible to vote.

“As a first-time voter, the process can often be intimidating or overwhelming. We are here to work with students through that process and equip them to participate in our democracy and to make their voice count.”

Read the full article here.


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