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VCU aims to boost numbers on National Voter Registration Day

AP, India Espy-Jones:

Voter registration laws vary from state to state. Without accurate information, students are subject to voter suppression and may not be able to vote, said Madeline Doane, Virginia coordinator of the Campus Vote Project, which partners with colleges and universities to help students register to vote.

For example, changing a mailing address, having an incorrect ID, or an inability to access polling locations may inhibit students from voting. Students registering to vote in Virginia for the first time must do so at least 22 days before the election. They also may run into an issue if they do not have a state ID. A state ID is not required at the polls, but an identification number must be provided when students register online. If someone doesn’t have a state ID, they must mail in a voter registration form, according to Doane.

Read the full article here.


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