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Why your absentee ballot might not count

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Berkeley Beacon, Diti Kohli:

Some may say a single ballot in the presidential election, which drew 137.5 million voters in 2016, is not worth the effort. But in 2020, the sanctity and legitimacy of mail-in voting has been called into question by President Donald Trump himself. His comments are rife with attempts to squander the efficiency—and the budget—of the United States Postal Service, a long-loved institution responsible for the country’s mail circulation.

Taking a well-intended road trip to secure the fate of just one absentee vote is understandable, Matalon said.

Millions of college students nationwide—and hopefully thousands on Emerson’s campus—will partake in the democratic process this month. In 2018, college data showed that almost 45 percent of Emerson students voted. (This year, college officials hope at least 70 percent of the student body will turn out and have been promoting voting through official Instagram accounts and the Campus Vote Project.)

Read the full article here.


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