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With seniors staying home, young people needed to fill poll worker shortage

KXTV ABC 10, Allison Royal:

Many of the “traditional” poll workers are concerned about contracting COVID-19 due to their high-risk age group, so they’re sitting this election out. This means this election won’t just look different because of face coverings. In order to meet the demands, organizations are recruiting young people to become poll workers.

Bob Brandon is the president of the Fair Elections Center in Washington DC, a nonpartisan group. The organization works with college campuses across the country as part of the “Campus Vote Project.”

"It’s time to have a new generation of younger people think about helping out at the polls,” said Brandon.

The Fair Election Center has been working to get young people involved in elections for years, including Californians.

“Of course, it becomes even more important because of the pandemic taking many traditional poll workers who are older out of the system,” said Brandon.

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