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With students taking classes remotely, campaigners don’t know how to react

The Spectrum, Brendan Kelly:

In years past, student campaigners and get-out-the-vote initiatives like Student Engagement’s UB Votes have organized events to galvanize voters and boost historically low Election Day turnouts among college students.

This year, Millennials and Gen Z “will represent the largest age-group of eligible voters,” according to the Campus Vote Project. But with many UB students living and studying from home this semester, student campaigners and voting advocates fear Election Day turnout among student voters could be significantly lower than those of older age-based voter blocs.

Patrick Lynn, chairman of UB Bulls for Biden-Harris, says he worries about student voter turnout despite UB’s efforts to shuttle students to Sweet Home High School. He says galvanizing student voters during this election cycle has been challenging due to UB’s reduced on-campus population density and a noticeable decline in student engagement on- and off-campus.

Read the full article here.


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