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WSU named Voter Friendly Campus

My Weber Media, Joshua Kamp:

"Weber State University has been designated as a Voter Friendly Campus, a title offered by a program started through the partnership of two organizations, the Campus Vote Project and the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators, in 2016.

The Voter Friendly Campus program aims to help college administrations develop strategies to increase political engagement and voting rates among students, an age group known to have low voter turnout. It’s not just the Generation Z students currently coming of age or the millennials before them who don’t turn out in the same numbers as older voters.

“The younger people are, the less likely they are to vote,” said Leah Murray, academic director for the Walker Institute of Politics and Public Service at WSU. “That’s just a general rule of every generation,” and true of young baby boomers in the past.

One reason young people vote less is because traditional motivations to vote aren’t yet present. According to Murray, voting can be driven by financial interests, and most people do not begin to accumulate wealth until later in life."

Read more of Weber State University's story HERE.


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