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WSU requires student flu vaccinations

The South End, Alanna Williams:

In addition to public health, Hadiya Afzal, the midwest regional coordinator of student poll workers for Campus Vote Project, joined the meeting to present a fellowship opportunity with her organization.

Afzal said this online fellowship is to be a recruiter for poll workers for the upcoming November election. They are currently looking for two WSU students.

Each fellow will receive $1,000 for their services, according to the Campus Vote Project.

There is ample opportunity to get politically involved, Afzal said. Detroit is seeking poll workers for the election, as the COVID-19 pandemic causes a nationwide shortage of workers.

“The urgent need for poll workers is what prompted the logic of this program by the Campus Vote Project,” she said. “Every eligible voter who wants to vote should be able to vote without major inconvenience.”

Applications are open, and you can apply on the organization’s website.

Read the full article here.


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