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Young voters are poised to be a decisive factor even as coronavirus creates obstacles

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

CNBC, Hannah Miao:

With many schools using virtual or hybrid instruction this semester, student voting mobilization efforts have had to adapt. Even when students are on campus this semester, facilities are not always open in the same way, which can affect students’ ability to obtain voting requirements such as college IDs.

Wisconsin is one of the most difficult states for students studying away from home to vote, due to voter ID laws. At UW-Madison, the largest university in the state, 46% of 31,654 undergraduate students are not from Wisconsin, according to the university’s fall 2020 enrollment report.

“There are things directly related to Covid that are making it a little bit more difficult for students from out of state to exercise their right to vote here,” said Kristin Hansen, Wisconsin coordinator for nonpartisan Fair Election Center’s Campus Vote Project.

Read the full article here.


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