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CVP Research Collective

The Campus Vote Project Research Collective (CVP Research Collective) aims to better understand the experiences of students, faculty, administrators, elections officials, candidates, and outside organizations as they aim to institutionalize civic engagement and political participation at higher education institutions.We plan to use the information we gather to aid campuses in the institutionalization process. Our research always focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

​ Our specific research 

 focuses include: 

  • Identifying barriers to civic engagement and political participation for marginalized communities

  • Identifying what institutionalization means on each campus and better understanding why differences exist

  • Defining what nonpartisanship means for higher education institutions and understanding how that definition impacts support of students’ civic engagement efforts

  • Better extrapolating the relationship between civic engagement and political participation with standard measurements of student success

  • Identifying the roles of different actors on campuses and providing informed recommendations on how they can be better supported or incorporated into the political process

CVP Research IRL

​ Research Collective Goals: 


The CVP Research Collective intends to bring together researchers at all points in their careers in an environment that supports collaboration and mentorship. Currently, we are focusing on supporting students, with an eye toward expansion.



Our short-term goals for students include:

  • Monthly Meetings

  • Collaborative peer-reviewed papers and conference presentations (Already in Progress)

  • Peer reviewing one another’s papers

  • Research publication in popular media (OpEds, interviews, etc. on research and real world implications)

  • Undergraduate and graduate student research mentorship

  • Open invitation to those doing research on civic engagement & higher education



Our long-term future goals include:

  • Meet-ups at conferences - or even host our own conference

  • More faculty and senior academic involvement

  • Financial support for scholars for their research and/or conference presentations

  • Research Fellowships for faculty and graduate students

  • CVP Research Journal - featuring peer-reviewed articles written by undergraduate and graduate students

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