Voting Rights

Campus Vote Project is dedicated to supporting increased access to the democratic process, specifically highlighting and tackling the barriers that young people and students face. We work to help young people gain access to the polls in a variety of ways including hosting the Youth Voting Rights Working Group with support from Rock the Vote and CIRCLE.

   We work to help  
   young people gain  
    access to the polls.  

Youth Voting Rights

CVP also supports youth voting in several other ways. We support on-the-ground work, send out calls to action around important legislation or initiatives, and keep up-to-date state student voter guides with important election information.

Democracy’s Future: Proposals to Expand Access to Registration and Voting for a New Generation

Fair Elections Center and Campus Vote Project released the report “Democracy’s Future” in 2019. This resource identifies key barriers to youth registration and voting and opportunities to expand access. It provides best practices, useful background information, and concrete solutions including model legislation and policies to expand access to this new generation of voters. Its components span the civic engagement spectrum from voter registration and voter education to the ability to cast a valid ballot.

Campus Vote Project is a project of Fair Elections Center

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