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Student registering to vote

 Empower students 
with the information 
they need to register 
and vote. 

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In 2012, Fair Elections Center launched Campus Vote Project (CVP) to focus and expand its work around student voting issues.

Since then, Campus Vote Project
has been working to normalize and institutionalize student voting by working directly with colleges and universities across the country.
This includes the creation of the

state student voter guides,
answering questions specific to college students such as, “Will registering to vote with my campus address affect my driver’s license or car registration?”

CVP works with colleges and universities across the country and focuses its time and resources on supporting community colleges and minority serving institutions where these resources can have a greater impact. 

We currently work with...

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over 280 
college and
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across 41 
states with a

enrollment of
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over 3.4 million





In 2014, Campus Vote Project developed the first iteration of the Democracy Fellowship program, providing funds to student leaders to influence and support democratic engagement work happening on their campus. Since 2016, CVP has graduated 186 Democracy Fellows.

2016 was a major year for CVP. CVP partnered with NASPA to launch the inaugural Voter Friendly Campus program giving institutions a framework for building and implementing a democratic engagement plan. The ultimate goal being to create long-term sustainable programming. CVP also played a critical role in creating the Students Learn Students Vote coalition in 2016, now composed of over 350 partners dedicated to increasing student voting.

In 2018, Campus Vote Project focused on expanding and deepening our work in 6 core states including Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia where we placed Democracy Fellows and shared important information about what would be on the ballot. We also supported 9 statewide student voter summits across the country to engage students, faculty, and administrators in the democratic process.

Looking at 2019 and 2020, we plan to continue advancing work in our core states, strengthening our youth voting rights work, and going into 2020 with a robust program and resources to assist our campus partners to empower their campus community to participate in our democracy. We also plan to expand our college and university partners and expand the number of core states where we have staff.

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CVP's core states and where we have staff

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Campuses in the Voter Friendly Campus program that CVP coordinates with NASPA

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