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The Campus Vote Project's Student Advisory Board launched the Student Voting Network in the Summer of 2020 after seeing a need for a space for student leaders led by student leaders to collaborate about democracy engagement on our campuses! Through a Slack and monthly calls, the SVN connects students across the country to learn from each other & share best practices. One benefit we saw with the Student Voting Network is connecting students in existing networks together who may not be collaborating in a state or on a campus, while providing mentorship to students new to the work and interested in getting started. All students doing voting or democratic engagement work – especially those just getting started – are invited to join.

Picture of Student Advisory Board taken at the Capitol Building.

Student-run knowledge community & discussion forum.

 Monthly calls every   second Wednesday 
 at 7 pm (CT) 

Collaborate with students across the nation with different experience levels and expertise in student voter engagement. Share questions, concerns, best practices, brainstorming breakout sessions and more.

Student Voting Network

SVNcast Podcast

The Student Voting Network is on the air!  The podcast serves to create a platform for and by students to express their views, share insight, organize for a better future, learn efficient methods of reaching student voters in meaningful ways, and help discern fact from fiction in an era of fake news and alternative facts. 

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The Student Voting Network is developing resources for students, by students aimed at breaking down best practices to institutionalize and cultivate a culture of democratic engagement on campuses.

CVP Resources


Expanding voter registration to include preregistration for young voters prepares them for voting when they turn 18, automatically registers them as voters, gets them on the list to receive information from election officials, and makes updates more efficient.

Student ID as Voter ID

States with voter ID laws should always include student IDs in the acceptable forms of identification.

On-Campus Voter Registration and Voter Information Opportunities

States can expand voter registration and voter information available to students through a variety of reforms connected to their institutions that make student registration easier and more efficient.

On-Campus Polling Places

Campus polling places during early voting and on Election Day offer students the same

opportunity to vote in their community as other voters.

Residency Rules Affecting Students

Residency rules can—but should not--interfere with students’ rights to register and vote where they live, including on campus.

Students as Poll Workers

Student poll workers are a win-win for election officials. They are a pool of tech-savvy and

bilingual community members, and students can deepen their civic engagement connections

and service.

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