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Community College Campus Declared ‘Voter-Friendly’

Sanatoga Post, Joe Zlomek:

"POTTSTOWN PA – Montgomery County Community College campuses in Pottstown and Blue Bell have been designated as “voter-friendly” by the Fair Elections Center’s Campus Vote Project, the college reported Monday (March 29, 2021). The label means it “has made a strong statement about the civic mission of higher education” in preparing students to participate in democracy,” a media release said.

The two campuses are among 235 in 37 states and the District of Columbia that planned and implemented “practices that encourage their students to register and vote in 2020 elections and the coming years,” according to the project. Its mission is to bolster efforts that help students overcome barriers to participate in the political process.

MCCC was evaluated based on a college-wide plan to register, educate, and improve the turnout of student voters in 2020; the facilitation of voter engagement efforts; and a final analysis of MCCC’s efforts. The designation is valid through December 2022. During the process, MCCC updated voter registration efforts to incorporate more online registration, and provided consistent messaging to students and employees about voter registration, mail-in and absentee ballots, and voting rights."

Read more about this HERE.


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