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Manning the polls: How the coronavirus has changed the face of US democracy

Deutsche Wells, Peter Rolle-Dahl:

That's a sentiment that echoes with many young people this election, says 22-year-old Ciarra Malone, the Georgia state coordinator for the Campus Vote Project.

"Young people understand the importance of volunteering as a poll worker, especially this year," she said. "During times when it may typically be their grandmother that commits to this duty, now it is them. They want to make sure that she's safe, and that she has a precinct open to cast her ballot safely. Protecting your loved ones is a really powerful tool in making sure that young people step up, and do something they've never really necessarily done before."

This election season, Ciarra has also been working closely with Power the Polls, a social media-focused recruitment initiative, launched in June in response to the poll worker crisis. In less than 100 days, the group has nearly tripled its original goal, recruiting more than 700,000 new poll workers.

Assisted by similar big-name initiatives, such as NBA star LeBron James' We Got Next which has received prominent backing from Barack and Michelle Obama, most polling stations now say they're fully staffed, against all odds.

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