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OU receives Voter Friendly Campus distinction for 2021, 2022

The Post Athens, Ryan Maxin:

"Ohio University has officially been named a “voter friendly campus” following efforts to increase student voter participation in the 2020 presidential election. The designation, which was awarded to OU and just over 230 other campuses nationwide, will stay in effect until January 2023.

The Campus Vote Project, an initiative led by the Fair Elections Center, and the Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, or NASPA, are responsible for the designations. The organizations work together to review applications submitted by universities nationwide and decide if they meet the criteria to become a voter friendly campus.

Jill Dunlap, senior director for research, policy and civic engagement at NASPA, said there are a number of broad factors that are considered in the designation process. Some of these factors include a campus’ commitment to partner with community organizations and university leadership participation in the process."

Read the full article HERE.


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