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Penn Leads The Vote Catalyzes Students To Prioritize Voting

Forbes, Eva Gonzalez and Harrison Feinman | Civic Nation:

Harrison Feinman is a junior at the University of Pennsylvania and is the Co-Director of Penn Leads the Vote and a Campus Vote Project Fellow.

At Penn, we have dealt with many of the challenges and approaches that you may face. Since 2018, our organization—Penn Leads the Vote (PLTV)—has worked tirelessly across the University of Pennsylvania community to encourage students and university leadership to prioritize voting. Thanks to a team of students working year-round to promote voter engagement, PLTV proudly spearheaded two election cycles with increases in voter turnout of 450% in a row. PLTV also hosted the first ever Eastern PA Student Voting Summit last year, created a state-wide higher-education student voter coalition, developed a website dedicated towards campus voters, and created a Voter Engagement Council composed of student government and other student-led organizations from across the undergraduate and graduate schools.

Most recently, PLTV, which is housed in the Netter Center for Community Partnerships and works in partnership with the Office of Government and Community Affairs, created Penn’s 2020-21 ALLIN Voter Engagement Action Plan, in which Penn committed to achieving 100 percent student voter registration by 2028. None of this could have been achieved without hard-working students dedicated each day to catalyzing progress and forging our own path, inspired by those who came before us, towards institutionalization and our own theory of change.

Read the full article here.


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