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Protasiewicz, Kelly to meet for one debate; former justice knocks rival for not agreeing to more

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Supreme Court candidates Daniel Kelly and Janet Protasiewicz have committed to a March 21 debate hosted by the State Bar of Wisconsin, WISC-TV and

Protasiewicz also said Monday she committed to a second forum. But that wasn’t among the dozen other debates that Kelly has agreed to, and his campaign accused Protasiewicz of ducking the public. The March 21 debate will be their only televised forum ahead of the April 4 election, which will decide the ideological balance of the court.

The debate also will occur as local clerks are allowed to begin offering early voting.

“It is outrageous that Politician Protasiewicz has promised to put her thumb on the scales of justice and rule based on her ‘values’ instead of the law, but now won’t even explain her soft-on-crime record and ties to extremist activists,” said Ben Voelkel, a senior adviser to Kelly’s campaign.


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